Free Online Books

Free Pharo Books

Smalltalk Reflections (podcasts)

Concerning Pharo (Medium blog)

More Smalltalk blogs

Smalltalk Flavours

Open Source



Amber – Smalltalk for the web browser

Dolphin Smalltalk for Windows

Redline Smalltalk for JVM

Essence# – Smalltalk for .NET


Cincom Smalltalk (download your free, personal use copy)

VA Smalltalk


Smalltalk MThigh performance Smalltalk for Windows


GNU Smalltalk – Smalltalk without the IDE

Smalltalk/X – a specialized flavour for commercially-supported, company solutions

For Newcomers

The Pharo MOOC, a complete online course comparable to any JavaScript bootcamp!

Prof Stef (video)

Online Interactive Tutorial

Pharo Programming Environment (video)

James Robertson Smalltalk videos

YouTube Smalltalk programming videos

Laser Game tutorial (requires Squeak 3.9)

Pharo user forum

Squeak user forum

I love this page which very nicely summarizes the syntax:

A more advanced Seaside tutorial – our own little Reddit in Smalltalk!

Another great Seaside tutorial from James Foster!

For Children

Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots (PDF download)

Scratch visual programming language


The book “Streamlined Object Modeling: Patterns, Rules, and Implementation” can be recommended, as can “Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns“. Then there are these books by Andres Valloud.

Frameworks and Tools

Seaside is the leading Smalltalk web framework for the server side.

For consultants, startups, and software houses, flow is a full-stack framework from server side to client side that is designed to be intuitive and powerful. Great for prototyping!


3 thoughts on “Resources

    • I left out a good number of Smalltalk dialects. I only chose the ones that were in relatively popular use, that had good documentation available, and that were strategically important for the future of Smalltalk (eg, Smalltalk in the browser, Smalltalk on the JVM, and high-performance Smalltalk).


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