Smalltalk Renaissance is a non-profit advocacy organization whose mission is to promote and advance the use of Smalltalk in the modern age of Information Technology development, in particular, as it relates to the Web (both on the client side, as well as the server side). This campaign is known as the Smalltalk Renaissance Program, and consists of three parts:

  1. Obtain the support of key movers in the Smalltalk community and hopefully work toward some consensus.
  2. Obtain major corporate sponsorship. Today, a programming language cannot compete in a highly fragmented field, where numerous candidates are vying for developer attention, without a major backer. The language must stand out with PR exposure, and this pretty well requires the imprimatur of corporate sponsorship.
  3. Show solid evidence of Smalltalk’s advantages from industry and academics. This should be quantifiable through comparative case studies.

The following signatories support the organization and its goals:

The Smalltalk Foundation Non-profit organization for the advancement of Smalltalk around the globe
Philippe Back High Octane SPRL (a Pharo Consortium Member)
David Buck Founder and CEO of Simberon Incorporated
John Clapperton Owner and author at http://voss.logicarts.com
Jupiter Jones Ambassador, Terra Australis [Incognita] Embassy
James Ladd Creator of Redline Smalltalk at http://www.redline.st/
Sebastian Sastre Designer-Engineer blend.
Author of airflowing, founder of flowing, developer and investor at StarterSquad.
A Design Thinker that codes and does business.
Lorenzo Schiavina
Founder of EDOR Metodi Quantitativi Srl – Milano.
Professor of Operating Research at Università Cattolica of Brescia.
Object evangelist.
Herbert Vojčík Nomadic Developer (Amber Maintainer)

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