Happy Birthday, Smalltalk Renaissance!


Today is the second anniversary of the Smalltalk Renaissance campaign. While this campaign officially terminated last December, it lives on in a subsequent “mini-campaign” called #MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain, a Twitter campaign (but also supported by Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn) to leverage the enormous success of my TechBeacon article, “How learning Smalltalk can make you a better developer.” #MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain is also a Quora campaign because I’ve been answering hundreds of questions related to programming languages and constantly advocating for Smalltalk as a great beginner language. Next year, I’ll be devoting my time to writing an up-to-date Smalltalk tutorial for total beginners in programming, as well as to an open source project to put Smalltalk on the JVM (it’s called Redline Smalltalk). Between these activities, I hope to finally make a breakthrough in Smalltalk advocacy and grow the user community.

Let’s make Smalltalk great again!




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