Smalltalk’s Real Competition

It would be useful to indicate in the Comments what languages are in “Other.” Perhaps they are Haskell or Clojure?


3 thoughts on “Smalltalk’s Real Competition

  1. PeterO says:

    Smalltalk’s real competition are all of the above, except for Scala.

    You can add C#, especially now that Microsoft has open-sourced .NET including the CoreCLR and is porting .NET and Visual Studio to run on Linux and Apple hardware.

    Developers get religious about their favorite tools and technologies. It’s good to have an objective measure for characteristics such as “developer productivity.” Smalltalk has been proven more productive than all of these other languages and development platforms by a factor of 2x to 5x. See page 45 in the following document:


  2. sebastianconcpt says:

    I’m not sure if answering this poll’s question is to put light on anything useful.
    It might mislead.
    And JavaScript is eating everything anyway so I’d risk to answer: it does not matter.

    What spread wins and NOTHING has the spreading power that JavaScript has because of the web.

    If that alone is not enough we have that today is an incredibly good day for JavaScript:

    And ECMA6 is bringing OOP to it so the effect will get amplified orders of magnitude.

    A way more interesting question is this:

    What would happen if you fully embrace JavaScript?

    And then you see something like:


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